EMPIRE zoysia is a revolutionary medium-bladed, dark green zoysiagrass that features excellent wear tolerance, requires less mowing and chemical applications and is chinch bug resistant. More importantly, EMPIRE Turf allows the water supply to be shut off in severe periods of drought without the danger of permanently harming the lawn. EMPIRE Turf...one lawn...many benefits. EMPIRE is the perfect choice for most home lawns as well as golf applications. EMPIRE is The Proven Zoysia grass, thriving in areas where others are not well adapted.

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Uses Golf, Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home
Color Blue-Green
Blade Width 5-7 mm
Feel Very Soft
Fall Color Retention Very Good
Spring Greenup Very Good


Soils Sandy, Clay
Growth Rhizomes/Stolons
Wear Very Good
Injury Recovery Very Good
Insects Excellent
Diseases Very Good


Heat Excellent
Cold Very Good
Shade Good
Drought Very Good
Salt Good


Mower Standard Rotary, Reel
Height 1-2"
Weed Control Very Good

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