Latitude 36 (OKC 1119) was developed by renowned Oklahoma State University and is a top quality rated NTEP bermudagrass. It shows resistance to spring dead spot and is one of the most cold hardy bermudas on the market. Latitude 36 offers high traffic tolerance and exceptional visual appeal. It has excellent tensile strength and is finer textured than NorthBridge Bermuda. Latitude 36 is an ideal choice for southern and transitional zone applications including sports, golf, and homes.

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Uses Golf, Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home
Color Dark Green
Blade Width 1.67 mm
Feel Soft
Fall Color Retention Excellent
Spring Greenup Very Good


Soils Sandy, Clay
Growth Rhizomes/Stolons
Wear Excellent
Injury Recovery Excellent
Insects Very Good
Diseases Very Good


Heat Excellent
Cold Excellent
Shade Good
Drought Excellent
Salt Very Good


Mower Standard Rotary/Reel
Height .5-1.5"
Weed Control Very Good

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Latitude 36 Golf

Practice tee Columbia Country Club

Latitude 36 Commercial

Latitude 36 Owners Manual lowres

Latitude 36/NorthBridge Sites

Scott Stadium – University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA
FedEx Field – Washington Redskins Landover, MD
Simmons Field – University of Missouri Columbia, MO
Lannigan Field – Univeristy of Virginia Charlottesville, VA
Shea Stadium – Bradley University Peoria, IL
LP Field - Tennessee Titans Nashville, TN
Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City, MO

Jack JouettNorthBridge Chiefs 1Scott Stadium, Univ of VAShea Stadium, Bradley UnivTaylor Stadium, Univ of Missouri CroppedTitans LP Field